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Calling all hair types A – Z… This is for you!

Based on the messages I receive, I realise that people are not aware of the smaller things that can be done, SPECIFICALLY for their hair type, to spunk up their styling process. I want to be that person that can help you, even if just a little bit.


Everyone has a different personality. Everyone has a different hair style. Everyone has a different texture. Everyone uses different products and even when applying products to hair, we all do it differently.

So many times we hear about hair type. What does that mean? When is it important to consider hair type?


So, let’s begin by saying this: There is an array of curl patterns, textures and densities that allow our curls to stand out from everyone else. There may very well be another nattie with a similar curl to yours which is where curl typing comes in.

Kinky, tight, medium and loose curls are all similar because they all have the “S” pattern and that is what forms the curl. The only difference is how big or small those “S” patterns are. This is why different natties have different routines and especially different ways in which they apply products to their hair.

You don’t have to read through this whole post, we are all busy, I get it. You are welcome to skip to your hair type 🙂 



Let’s start with my favourite, TYPE 4. The KINKIER CURL.

This hair type… MY hair type… is a bit harder to get a defined curl out of but it isn’t impossible of course. In order to get the defined and lengthened curl, use the rake and smooth technique.

So, start with freshly washed hair and make sure it is detangled. Apply your product by “raking” your leave in conditioner through your curls, then your oil or cream – which ever method you usually use. Then, smooth your hands down the length of your hair to apply your products as evenly as possible. Then, take your gel or whichever holding product you use, and smooth it over your hair again to hold your curls in place. Diffuse or air dry your hair to complete your style. Once your hair is dry you can fluff it out with your afro pick at the roots. This adds volume to your hairstyle. (if that’s what you like)

With our natural curls there are always learning curves. It may take some time to figure out what works for your curls but with clean, healthy hair and the right products, a defined curl is attainable.


Moving on – TYPE 3 curl. This is the TIGHT, SPIRAL CURL. Definitely the common one used as #hairgoals lol This doesn’t mean this is the hair type to aspire to. Aspire to love YOUR OWN CURL.

Anyway, they call the method of application for this hair type: Praying hands method. Take a small section of your hair, rub the product between your hands so that there is an even amount on both hands. Then place your hands on either side of the hair as if you were praying, and smooth it down your curls from root to ends. Keep smoothing it to evenly distribute the product from your roots to your tips. Once all the products have been applied, you can diffuse or air dry your hair to complete the style. Once your hair is dry, fluff it at the roots using your afro pick to create volume.



My cousin, who is also a nattie, struggles to maintain volume or definition because of her hair type. This is the TYPE 2 CURL.

The MEDIUM CURL. It is also one of the looser curls. One of the better ways to apply products to this hair type is by Shingling and then Scrunching. This is very similar to combing but using your fingers. So, you would take a section of hair, apply your products and then slide your fingers into your hair, make a fist and then letting your fist glide down with your hair inbetween your fingers. This is shingling. Once the product is evenly distributed through your hair, scrunch it. Basically squeezing your hair in an upward motion. This defines your curls and helps with definition.


Lastly, we have the loosest curl of them all, TYPE 1.

This hair type loses curl and volume as the day progresses. This is why the best way to style this hair type is upside. Yes… lol upside down! It allows your hair to get the volume from the root and scrunch the ends to get the definition you want from your hair and products. You could then lessen the drying time by “Plopping your hair”. You can plop quite easily with a Marley Grey Cotton Turban or microfibre towel. Throw your hair over and allow your curls to lay/settle in the turban. Secure the turban for about 20mins. This dries 60% of the hair. Once that is done, you can diffuse or air dry your hair for extra volume. Make sure to diffuse while your hair is flipped over.




Different strokes, for different folks….

I’ve added some images to help explain some of the terms I’ve used. If you have any comments and questions, place them down below.


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