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Amber Daniels – Natural Hair Journey

I started my natural hair journey November 2017 and tried transitioning first because I was afraid to cut my hair. My hair was so damaged by all the chemical relaxers I’d been using since the age of five. I also experimented with chemical hair dyes and as a result, my hair looked horribly unhealthy, broken and brittle. At the start of my journey I bought Aunt Jackie’s and Palmers. I tried everything but they didn’t help my hair at all and that’s what prompted me to do the “big chop” in May 2018, during my first year at University and was probably the best decision I have ever made! 

The short hair took some getting used to but at the same time, it came with a huge confidence boost! I also went back to using Aunt Jackie’s and we now have a good relationship LOL. Since the big chop, my texture changed at least three times as well as my curl pattern. I currently have two different textures – 3C and 4A. It’s been a massive adjustment but fifteen months later, my hair is healthy and huge! It was and is all worth it!!!!

2 thoughts on “Amber Daniels – Natural Hair Journey

  1. good evening 😊

    I have recently started on a natural hair journey and I haven’t gone for a cut yet, I am quite anxious about it. My curl type is between a 2c and 3a

    Would you be able to help me?

    1. Hello! Congratulations on making the shift! We’re here to help, please visit to book a consultation with Marion 😊

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