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Jenilee Maarman – Natural Hair Journey

My journey started in the beginning of 2017. I just decided to stop using heat and take better care of my hair and if you take a look at the pictures, you’ll see why. My hair was unbelievably damaged and no longer growing! At the time, I didn’t know a thing about natural hair products, deep conditioning every week, using a satin pillowcase or a doek to protect your hair at night. I was completely clueless. I just rolled my hair using rollers/curlers, did bantu knots as soon as they were removed and thatโ€™s how I wore my hair most of the time. I was also using my normal hair products and hadnโ€™t switched to any of the natural ones. Stopping the use of heat drying alone, had already made a huge difference.

December that year, I did the Big Chop! It was only early in 2018 that I started familiarising myself with being a naturalista. I did the homework and found out what my hair type and porosity was, which products to use, etc. Then I heard of the Cape Town Naturally support group and Marley Grey Accessories. I went and bought the natural hair products that suited my budget, got a satin doek (I now own a Marley Grey satin pillowcase) and began styling my hair in a โ€œwash and goโ€ more often. Using the LCO method, I try to deep condition every week (something that’s really important, but don’t do it often enough). What I learned on my journey, is that being a natural takes a lot of patience! You have to be patient with your hair and treat it with loads of TLC. Your hair will thank you!

Also, don’t worry and bother yourself with what other people have to say about YOUR hair and all the negative comments. You keep on embracing your natural, God-given hair and flaunt it! 

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