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Zerelda Cornelissen – Natural Hair Journey

I started my journey back in October 2017, after attending my very first natural hair event – Clicks Curls 2017. My sister messaged me to say she had tickets for the event (sister Cavendy Solomons was also the motivation to go natural) and I was so excited to go!!

I was never really into going back to my roots, but after seeing those beautiful crowns at that event, I had this huge urge to do the things!!! Being the girl who had a different hair colour almost every school term/month, my hair was extensively damaged from all the chemicals and heat, as can be seen in the before pictures.

I picked up so much information at the event after spending time at all the different brand stands and thanks to the lekker goodies I received, I started this wonderful journey. I decided to transition first but that only lasted two months and I just went for the Big Chop. Ek was verskriklik ongeduldig! In the beginning, I used to cut my own hair simply because I never trusted anyone with scissors near my head. I went totally short and I felt as if I made the biggest mistake in life, but that’s because I didn’t really understand what I needed to do.

As time went on, I began to understand my hair type, what it needed and how it had to be treated. My weekly deep conditioning treatments were with the popular Aunt Jackie’s products. My hair grew back so fast! I prayed for this crown, for healthy curls and growth LOL. Here I am now almost one year on my journey and nine months after the big chop. I don’t regret a thing, I have a healthy bush of hair and I’m not ashamed of my KROESKOP!

People will always leave negative comments maar jy moet nie vir jou steur nie!! Keep on shining with your God-given beautiful Crown ๐Ÿ‘‘

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