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Simple Plait & Twirl Tutorial

Hair Tutorials

Let’s take some time before the weekend to learn a new style. 

This is a simple Plait and Twirl!! You know how to plait, right? Hell, even some of the guys know how to plait.

  • Part your hair in smaller sections.
  • Smooth out each section and plait that baby right until the very end.
  • At your ends, be sure to seal in extra moisture and twirl the ends around your finger (similarly to a finger coil).

**If you have perm rods or Flexi-rods, you can use them to add more curl to your plait.

  • Leave it to air dry (or use your Marley Grey Hooded-Dryer to dry your plaits/twists faster).
  • Once dry, unravel the plaits, afro pick and pin your puff until you are happy with your shape.


This hairstyle helped me in the tapered stage of my fro!

Post a pic on your social media pages and don't forget to tag us when you eventually give this a go!


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