Cape Town Natural Hair Fest 2019

Cape Town Naturally is proud to announce the 4th annual Cape Town Natural Hair Fest, proudly sponsored by Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils.

The Natural Hair Fest aims to bring together everyone with an interest in natural hair care, health, beauty and fashion. It is a one day celebration of self-love, authenticity and our rich diversity – through live demonstrations, education, giveaways, entertainment, music, and various shopping opportunities.

This year’s festival will be in a castle, where better to celebrate the theme of :

“Wear Your Crown”.

Come as the kings and queens you are!

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Danialle Leigh Marchant’s Natural Hair Journey

Marley Grey Accessories Natural Hair Journey

Hi guys, 

My hair journey unexpectedly began in mid 2013. I had always been a straightener/GHD/straight hair girl, always wanting my hair to be straight and beautiful, or so I thought. I used the word “unexpectedly” as 2013 was filled with A LOT of changes in my life. I quit my job after 6 years and took some time off. During the months leading up to this I started cutting my hair shorter and shorter, until one day, while working from home I thought “why not wear my hair curly? Nobody’s going to see me LOL”. 

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Natural Hair Journey – Kimmy Damons

Natural Hair Transition

My natural hair journey started in March 2017.

Around this time, my partner went away for 3 months and I suddenly found myself not feeling the need to blow-dry and straighten my hair. In short, I let myself go. At this point, I wasn’t really aware of the natural hair movement however, something sent me to YouTube to look up ways to help my hair grow faster. Keep in mind that up until March 2017, I religiously relaxed my hair since the age of 4 or 5 and then throughout my teenage years. YouTube opened my eyes to a whole new world of being “natural”. I was instantly intrigued by curly heads from around the world. I’ve seen some roaming the streets in Cape Town too but never paid them any mind. Deep down, I thought they looked kinda cool looking so carefree but never felt the need to have curly hair. This longing to return to natural manifested in my mind and laid on my heart. One could say that it felt like a spark building up into this huge bonfire that would some months later explode and trigger a BIG CHOP!

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Simple Roll, Tuck and Pin


Let’s take some time before the weekend to learn a new style. I will post an easy (some may not find it that easy) to do, hairstyling tutorial/pictorial that you could try with your natural hair for the WEEEEEEKEND!! 

Yaaaas girl!

Tutorial number 9 is the ROLL, TUCK AND PIN. All you need are pins.

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Some things to note before using a diffuser

Before I throw this out to the world, I want to talk a little about it.

For natties, nothing tops the feeling of triumph that comes with having a good hair day. 🙌 Everyday seems like a challenge trying to find a hairstyle or products that work. It’s basically a full-time job trying to maintain our crowns. So any products, hair tools or hair accessories that make the process bearable is WORTH having in your stash.

One of those genius tools which helps some curly girls along is THE DIFFUSER. A diffuser can help you achieve the big hair of your dreams, without all of the fuss… and if used correctly. 👍 Continue reading Some things to note before using a diffuser