Marley Grey Hair Care Accessories, founded by Marion Hermans, is a lifestyle brand created to cater to the hair care needs of natural, or chemically treated hair.

Our product range comprises of various accessories to protect, fix, and funk up your hair... affordably and stylishly. We offer pretty satin-lined accessories from Satin sleep caps to Satin Snoodies. These cute and bold accessories are just the thing you need to funk up your style.

We also offer other accessories: Beard care products, Hair Care Products and best of all tools to help ease you through a tedious hair wash day.
These products are specially created to help maintain healthy hair practices and to make every day styling a breeze.

** If you are wanting to start, or even if you are struggling on your Natural Hair Journey, we are here to help with our one-on-one consultations. These consults provide you with a routine suited specifically to your hair.