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What is the Satin-Lined Collection all about?
Satin is great for hair and skin. It helps to reduce sleep-line, wrinkles, and frizz, while also maintaining skin
and hair moisture.
What are the benefits of using satin as protection?
When sleeping on cotton pillowcases, your skin folds and you wake with sleep lines. These sleep lines are the same way that
wrinkles develop. Satin allows the face to glide over the pillow, delaying wrinkles and aging in the face. The same applies to
your hair. Cotton pillowcases suck the moisture out of your hair and also causes friction, hair breakage, and hair loss.
Satin allows the hair to glide over the pillow while sleeping, which minimizes knots, breakage, and split ends.
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Heatless Curling Rod

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Slinky Satin Scrunchies

R11.70 R15.00

Satin-Lined Bucket Hat

R101.40 R130.00

Satin Patterned Scarves

R74.10 R95.00

Satin Plain Scarves

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Long Satin Bonnet

R93.60 - R140.40 R120.00

Satin Pillow Case (Single)

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Adjustable Satin-Lined Sleep Caps

R78.00 - R117.00 R100.00

Adult Headband Bonnet

R117.00 R150.00

Satin Baby Bonnet

R66.30 R85.00

Satin Bonnet with Straps

R144.30 R185.00

Satin-lined Puff Cap

R148.20 R190.00

Cotton Satin-Lined Beanies

R156.00 R200.00

Satin-Lined Waterproof Pillow Cases

R144.30 R185.00

Pineapple Doeks

R93.60 R120.00

Car Headrest Cover

R66.30 R85.00

Single Satin Scrunchies

R15.60 R20.00

Woolen Satin-Lined Beanies

R171.60 R220.00