Marley grey natural winter haircare tips

Winter Haircare Tips

Winter is on our doorstep, and if you don’t already know, it can be a particularly drying time for us natties. During the winter months, we struggle to retain moisture and prevent breakage. Here are some hair care tips to help you through the Winter months:

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Marley grey oats for hair  1

Oats Treatment

Oats is extremely moisturizing as it contains hair-loving vitamin B's, which draws water in from the atmosphere into your hair (humectants). It does all this while penetrating the cortex of your hair.

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Marley grey finger detangling

What Is Finger Detangling?

Finger combing is a simple way to detangle that prevents hair loss and encourages hair growth. It could be the best detangling method in the history of natural hair...if done correctly.

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Marley grey collapsible silicone diffuser

Things to Note Before Using a Diffuser

For natties, nothing tops the feeling of triumph that comes with having a good hair day. Every day seems like a challenge trying to find a hairstyle or products that work. It's basically a full-time job trying to maintain our crowns. So any products, hair tools, or hair accessories that make the process bearable is WORTH having in your stash. 

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